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Alone no more in Argentina

So after having just under a week of the apartment I had rented out in Buenos Aires to myself, Andy finally arrived! Naturally this time on my own was supposed to be spent starting my novel, however a mere 2 pages got written as I spent most of the time walking the streets trying to sort out some life admin, so Andy was a welcome distraction ;).

We basically spent the next few days catching up, drinking coffee and wine and eating lots of parillas. The first day we headed over to San Telmo to go and try out the famous Desnivel steak that Dee and Mark had ranted about and we were not disappointed. For around $50 we devoured a huge steak each with side dishes, and around 2 bottles of wine: a perfect combination for a visit to the chiropractor!
Due to my back giving me a lot of problems, we headed to see a Danish chiropractor who was essentially amazing! She sorted the two of us right out and I finally felt I could walk again. We revisited her a few days later before the bus to Mendoza, where she felt it necessary to put some acupuncture needles into my bum (I would include the photo, which Andy clearly felt necessary to take, however I don’t think that would be appropriate!).

Another day we spent walking around Recoletta and Andy brushed up his photography skills in the cemetery. As well as this, we walked down to Puerto Madryn where we scoffed down the most amazing parilla baguettes that Buenos Aires has to offer (naturally this was followed by more wine!).

After a few days we got on the bus to Mendoza, where I could not believe it; I won the Andesmar bingo AGAIN! What are the chances of that? Unfortunately I put the following celebratory photo onto facebook, not realising that due to my swollen fingers and swapping over of my ring I had placed it on my so-called ‘engagement’ finger! This then led to an influx of ridiculousness….Kate I blame you!! ;0

Mendoza, yet again, did not fail to disappoint. Effectively Andy and I did the same activities on the same days of the week as Kate and I had, although the mountain horse-back ride was nowhere near as fun due to the crazy horses rearing up every ten minutes! It was still good though, and we were able to see the mountains with a little more snow on than I had previously. The bike riding tour was also beautiful and we had a lovely lunch on the terrace of Tempus Alba vineyard. Thankfully there was no police escort this time! However, we were so high on life on the ride back from the vineyard, sipping out of our free bottle of vino, that I failed to ride my bike over the huge curb which I saw approaching…as if in slow motion I ploughed straight into it; bouncing about half a metre into the air, hitting my knee on the pedal, whilst the bottle of wine flew out of the basket smacking me on the face before it smashed all over the floor.
Clearly Andy was more concerned about the fact that the wine was gone, than he was about my knee or new fat lip! Thankfully Mr Hugo found the whole thing amusing enough that he supplied us with a bottle of red…bonus!

To finish here is a photo of cowboy Andy looking so natural and pro on what appears to be a donkey or large dog! The tallest person on the trip, with the smallest horse there…excellent!

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