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Bus Bingo and Bariloche

The trip to Bariloche will also be another bus journey I will never forget, not so much for the beautiful views this time as it was raining most of the way, but for the game of Bingo. 15 hours into the trip one of the drivers came upstairs to declare (in ridiculously fast Spanish) that we were about to play a game of bus bingo. Kate, not knowing her Spanish numbers, was a little dubious but obviously keen and determined one of us would win. Well…I actually did! I won a bottle of white wine which was donated by the drivers and then had to stand to an applause from the rest of the bus. Hilarious!

We spent the next few days staying at the Green House hostel, which I would highly recommend. It was a little out of town, but perfect location for hitting the slopes and chilling out. Chino and Brian ran the show, lent out snowboarding kit, cooked the most awesome meals at night and gave us return transfers up to the slopes. Whilst there we encountered some interesting folk including a man who’s niece and nephew go to WIS (our school in Dubai) and ‘Mr Diggy’ (a Kiwi guy who “just take my spade and dig my own jumps eh!”).

Having just had a two metre dumping of snow and what had started off as a pretty rubbish season, we were so lucky to have fresh powder and two days of glorious sunshine. We both pretty much spent the next two days super high on life with beaming smiles from ear to ear. How lucky we were to be in this beautiful place and to have such great snow conditions. Luck seemed to be on our side on the second day when we were scrimping for cash to pay our lunch bill, only to find that the generous man next to us, who had already donated the remains of his bottle of wine to the AP-KG fund, had settled the bill! A few more high on life runs down the slopes followed…woohoooo!!!!

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