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Red Wine Heaven

Our trip to Posada Salentein was destined for greatness upon arrival at Tupungato bus terminal (only big enough to hold 2 buses!), where we stumbled across a very helpful lady who was keen to assist us in calling a taxi to take us to the bodega. Having done so, however, she then proceeded to throw us into the back of her husband’s truck. Both a little shocked and unsure whether or not to accept this as an act of kindness or prepare ourselves to be tortured and buried in the foothills of the Andes, we decided there was little we could do other than just go with it. Gazing around the truck, the various instruments and implements surrounding us became evident: a wooden board with restrainers on, an oxygen mask and a tool box!

After some ‘difficult’ conversation (hampered by the loud noises from the vehicle and the lady’s extremely fast Spanish), we soon learned that her husband was in fact an ambulance officer for the Civil Defence. Within twenty minutes, we had safely reached our destination, free of charge, much to the amusement of the hotel owner.

“Amazing, simply stunning, just beautiful, wow, incredible, wonderful, awe-struck and happy” were heard from Andy about a million times during our 24hour stay at Posada Salentein. But truthfully it really was something special. Sat at the foot of the snow-covered Andes, whilst sipping on red wine soaking up the last of the day’s sunshine was pretty much paradise. Little did we know, the next day would bring so many more beautiful experiences.

The day began with a bit of a workout in the grounds of the winery, followed by breakfast and then off for a horse-ride. Both clearly experts by now, we were a little disgruntled not to be galloping in the morning sun…NOT! The views on this trip around the vineyards and estate of San Pablo were the best I have seen throughout the duration of my travels here. Our guide was extremely friendly and as well as being adamant that we were from Switzerland, despite many corrections from me, he was fixated on Andy resembling a Hollywood action hero!

After the ride we then headed to Salentein’s vineyard Kallika where we had a tour of the vines and winery, followed by some tasting. We stayed here for a scrumptious and ridiculously cheap lunch gazing out of the windows at the stunning panorama. It had truly been a great day and we were extremely chilled; unfortunately on leaving the vineyard that evening our moods changed slightly…

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