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Ushuaia, Southern Patagonia

The journey to the end of the world was pretty interesting, involving a bus, ferry in treacherous conditions, another border crossing and a mini bus through a snowy blizzard up a mountain. Finally I arrived at the hostel in Ushuaia, where it was snowing heavily, and was shown to my room. I spent the next 4 nights being the granny of the 6 bed dorm to the 5 Argentinian young chicas who were clearly there for a party.
In Argentina the customs are so hard for me to get use to; a small breakfast, not much going for lunch and a mammoth meat fest dinner at around 10pm! Not only this, as I found out from the girls, when it comes to having a good time they will have their food (usually at my bed time) at around 9:30/10pm then get ready, have some drinks until around 2am and then head out into the town until around 5am! Even in my wild days I could not have kept up.

So I pretty much kept myself to myself during the 4 days here, apart from a Moroccan guy and an English boy who were at the hostel. The first trip I went on was on a boat around the Beagle Channel. It really was fantastic, as we not only had the boat just to two of us, but we learned so much about the native people of Tierra Del Fuego (so named for the fires that were seen from the ships on land). It appears that the Shamana (definitely spelt wrong) lived such hard lives right up until the first settlers came to the areas. They were mainly naked, as this meant that they dried off quicker after hunting for fish and warmed up quicker from the fire. It was absolutely freezing and the thought of wearing anything less than my down jacket and ridiculous layers made me have nothing but the upmost respect for these people. How amazing that they managed to make life work for them without relying upon any of the modernities of nowadays.

We were lucky enough to be able to see a whole colony of sealions as well as cormorants on the trip. It was a great day, hiking around on one of the islands and learning all about the local wildlife. The next day I headed into the mountains for a husky ride and snow trek. In all honesty the husky ride was a bit of a let down; dog’s bums in your face (which smelt really bad) and a pretty slow ride as they kept deciding to fight each other or just sit down. However, the location was stunning and although we were freezing cold it didn’t take away from the deep snow covered forest.

The snow trek, for which we had to wear these tennis racquet like shoes was really good fun.

All in all a great few days in such a beautiful part of the world!

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