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Phu Quoc

After a pretty sleepless night spent in Singapore airport I began to question the sense in our decision to opt for the free accommodation option of the airport floor. As experts now, having adorned the floors of JFK, Gatwick and now Singapore I feel I may soon be coming to the end of my tether, despite the financial savings it allows. We were graced with the presence of a whistling cleaner at Changi, who felt the need to serenade us through the small hours whilst we were clearly trying to get some shut eye. The air conditioning also seemed to be in on the act of trying to prevent any sleep whatsoever, so that at 3am we had no option other than to reclaim our bags from the left baggage office and don knee high socks (well not Andy), gloves, hats and mountain jackets. Needless to say, the lack of a good night’s kip meant that Andy had to spend the first day or two of the trip with an extremely irritable me!

All worked out well though, as it often does, and after a connection in Saigon to Phu Quoc island in the south of Vietnam we began to chill out.

We stayed at a hostel in the main town called Langchia. It was perfect for only $9 a night, and even though we had to share the room with about 12 others we managed 3 great nights’ sleep.

Luckily at breakfast on the second day we saw there was a boat trip heading to the islands from the southern most tip. We debated for a while whether we were going to end up throwing the budget out of the window on the first day but, realising it looked like a good package, we decided that life was too short and to go for it. We were so glad we did as the fellow members of the group were great craic and we spent the day drinking beer on the deck of the boat stopping off at paradise islands.

The next day we gave in to our exhaustion, spending a day on the beach reading (yes Andy read a book!!) and nodding off. That evening we visited the market for dinner…woweee!! What amazing sea creature treats there were on offer for next to nothing. We sat on the street tucking into a grilled red snapper, prawn noodles and bbq prawns. With full tummies and a not so empty wallet we headed to bed early, ready for the final day’s adventures.

On our last morning we awoke early and hired a scooter (something I have promised many family members and friends that I would never do) and headed back to the south towards Bai Sao. Driving along the red dirt tracks with the amazing beach just touching distance to our right, it was pretty clear why we were smiling like kids on Christmas morning.

After about an hour and a half, with sore cheeks (both face and bum) we arrived at the beach. It was worth the bruises from the bumpy tracks as we were met by a white sand bay with crystal clear water. For a few hours we enjoyed the peace and serenity. Until…

Whist tucking into an early lunch I saw from the corner of my eye the dreaded sight of a Wallace Arnold style bus pulling up! Within 20 seconds a deluge of lobster red elderly tourists flooded the bar and beach. In the space of a minute they had knocked over tables and chairs to claim ownership of the sun beds,and were slapping sun cream onto their leathery skin. I am not quite sure how they managed it, but some were even half way through a beer. Needless to say, we felt it was time to set off on our journey back ready to fly to Danang.

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  1. It sounds as though your adventures are never ending love. A brilliant blog yet again. I love to read about what you are both up to. Lots of love from mum xxxx


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