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Camp Cooking – Breakfast Delights

Little art journalling of our scrummy breakfast in Sossusvlei after visiting the dunes.

There’s something so magical about a camping breakfast: unzipping the tent at secret o’clock, the early morning light and the sounds of the birds. It’s by far my favorite meal of the day on our camping adventures.

Our first port of call is getting the coffee on. Often Andy will rekindle the fire from the night before and use any smouldering embers to relight the fire (if we are planning on a cooked breakfast) or to get the solo stove on the go. I normally stay in bed until he calls me. Nothing beats crawling out of a tent with a crumpled face, eyes struggling to open fully and being handed a hot cup of coffee. I like to just sit and soak up the morning like this until my tin mug is drained and I feel ready to get started on breakfast.

Breakfast options are often dependent on where we are, what’s available and the storage options we have access to. Here are a few of our breakfast faves from some of our adventures around the world:

Speedy, Summer Brekkies

In Africa we were lucky enough to have a fridge in the back of the truck, which meant there was no problem carrying some yoghurt around. The only issue we did face was in terms of beer and meat taking priority over much else, so often we had limited space and restocking wasn’t easy in the middle of the African wilderness.

Good cup of coffee, a decent read and a bowl of natural yoghurt covered in seedy goodness topped off with crunchy walnuts and fresh passion fruit.

For the first few days after hitting the supermarket, we would make the most of the fresh fruit and yoghurt. This would gradually make way for porridge oats and dried fruit. Both options were smothered in nuts and seeds – providing a great protein source to keep us going for the long drives. We figured that since most mornings would be sat in the truck and few calories would be burned, a big hearty breakfast wasn’t necessary.

Warm porridge oats covered in goji berries, walnuts, crushed flaxseed, chia seeds and drizzled in honey. Yummy!

While cycling through Croatia, we had to be quick off the mark to avoid the heat so breakfast often consisted of a roadside stop a couple of hours in, with Andy starting the stove and making coffee and me pulling out fresh pastries we had collected from the bakers that morning.

In France it’s got to be fresh bread with some cheese or jam. On our surfing trip to the Basque Country in Spain we continued this trend with a delicious baguette every day ripped up and topped off with a fried egg and some chorizo – we needed the energy!

Relaxed, Warming Brekkies

If you need a bit of warming up or have all the time in the world, then it’s great to get the fire rekindled and make the most of it with a nice big breakfast.

Aside from the standard bacon and egg sarnie or sausage butty specials us Brits love to cook up, breakfast provides a great opportunity to use up any of the veggies you have from the night before that may not keep too well throughout the day.  Quite often I like to whip up a little medley of random veggies and perhaps some bacon or eggs. The introduction of the Dutch Oven into our lives has massively helped with this:

Seasoned breakfast potatoes cooked over the fire. These went alongside some sausages cooked on the braai. Nom nom nom.

One of my favorite recipes I concocted recently was a sweet potato hash with baked eggs (feeds 2-3 hungry mouths).


  • Sweet Potatoes (around 2 -3)
  • Asparagus spears (5ish)
  • 4 eggs
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Olive Oil


Basically you de-skin and cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes and throw them into the Dutch Oven with a good amount of olive/canola oil. Once they start to cook off a bit, throw in some chopped asparagus (cut about an inch long) and season with cracked black pepper, sea salt and a good amount of oregano. After it’s almost cooked crack 4 eggs over the mixture, place the lid back on and cook for about 5 minutes or until the egg whites have cooked. Spoon up onto a plate. If you get it just in time you’ll be lucky enough to still have some of the yolk oozing out over the mixture. It’s so simple yet so good!

Happy Campers enjoying their breakfast. Pretty sure the mimosas helped!

A rather less adventurous breakfast of porridge cooked over the wood burning stove in our winter tent. When there’s snow on the floor and you need an instant warmer, sometimes you just have to go simple!

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  1. I’m just browsing some blogs, looking for camp cooking ideas for an upcoming family car camping trip a few hours away from home. Your adventures look much more exciting than I expect ours will be! 🙂

    I love your sketch at the beginning, and the simple breakfast in the winter tent photo. You’ve captured the essence of that peaceful early morning feeling in camp. My husband gets up first, too, and builds the fire. He will put the kettle on for my tea, but he draws the line at coffee.


  2. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I read your comment and thought how nice it was and thought I had replied already! Thank you for your words. I am sure your adventures will be just as exciting and I hope you manage to enjoy those special mornings; cup of tea in hand, birds singing and gazing at the fire…bliss.


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