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A Little Bit About Me



Camel riding in Jordan

I am a nomad, teacher, writer and explorer with a travel addiction. With a fear of routine and living an ‘ordinary’ life I am constantly seeking new adventures.

Having travelled extensively throughout the world I truthfully believe travel opens the mind to new ways of thinking, new experiences and develops tolerance. Meeting people from all warps of life, from all different countries with different belief systems has enabled me to develop my own more accepting attitude towards others and myself.

As a bit of a hippy, according to colleagues and students, I am drawn to places by their colour and culture. Whether it be the multitude of colours in the landscapes, clothing, wildlife or food of far off lands, I find this has always been my guiding inspiration. I love nothing more when travelling to take a step outside of being a tourist, to fully uncover life for those that live there by immersing myself into everyday life. Local food, customs and traditions form a massive part of a country’s soul and I love to try them all.

Here you can read about some of my experiences and find out how travelling has helped me to cure my insecurities and develop my sense of self.

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