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Soul Searching

“If thoughts are like clouds, then just as clouds add colour and texture to a beautiful sunset, so do our minds add colour and depth to create more interesting souls…accept them and remember the clouds always pass eventually.” (January 2012)

Just like most people I have struggled with loving and accepting myself for many years. My twenties were a time for struggling, my thirties have been a time for healing. After many years I am finally in a place where I feel happy about who I am; accepting the imperfections which often bring me down as necessary blips that I have the capacity to deal with and get over on my own.

After suffering a bit of an emotional breakdown a few years ago I was left with the choice to wallow in self pity or to take control of my life and embrace it. Thankfully I opted for the latter; booking myself flights to Argentina and Cuba to travel alone (considering I travelled around the world at 19 on my own you wouldn’t think this was a big deal but I had lost sight of myself and my confidence had diminshed.), continue to learn Spanish and to dance away my heartache. It worked!

Moving on to start a new life in the U.A.E enabled me to continue on this path of self development and I finally started to come back to life as an even better, more adventurous me. However, wounds were still there that needed healing and I knew I had to delve deeper to make sure I was not going to slip back into my old thought processes. And so it was that for my 30th birthday present I booked myself into an ashram in India for a few days. This was the start of the next step on my spiritual journey, and despite being an extremely trying time I now look back and see this as the best present I could have given myself; the decision to invest in me!

In some of these posts I will share some of my thoughts prior to where I am now and reflections to hopefully help others take control of their lives and learn to accept themselves.

For a look at the article that was published in Dubai about my ashram visit click here:

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